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Full Version: pasting data into table
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Ple4Win: 4.1.2
Operating System: Windows XP SP3

When i want to copy data from excel to PLE4win there is something go wrong if you have switched columns in the input table (see adident table).


Normally you will start in this order:

If you place the AX-LP column behind the column NEWIDENT, and try to paste data from excel (see below) into the columns in that order, than it will go wrong.

input data:
R2mv1 ; 3860909,57
R2mv2 ; 3875909,57
R2mv3 ; 3878909,57

This is the bug warning:

When you click on the adident table agian than the columns are placed in the normal order.

There are more input tables where it will go wrong if you switch the order of the columns.
Thank you for mentioning this issue, we assigned ticket no. 1036 to it. This issue concerns all input tables.

Switching columns is actually not a supported feature of the program. We thought about it, tried it and abandoned the idea (and subsequently forgot to remove the functionality Wink) As you already noticed, any changes are lost if you close and reopen a table.
As it is not supported, there is no check on columns position during the import of data.
We will disable column switching in the next version of the program. We do not see any advantage in changing the table layout.