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Full Version: Menu toolbar isn't working when About screen is in the background
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Affected version: Ple4Win Educational v4.2.0

When you have the About screen active (see printscreen below) and click outside the windows of the About screen, this screen will be active in the background of the program.



After this the options in the Menu toolbar isn't working, however the functions in the roadmap is working perfectly. You can click on a DF in the roadmap and go to the tables. But nothing is working from the Menu toolbar.

As you correctly noted, the behavior of the program not quiet logical if the About-screen is shown. Usually, the main form should be completely passive while the About-form is shown (which also should stay in front of the main form at all times).
We assigned ticket no. 1126 to this bug.
The menu and toolbars in Ple4Win will not work after you close the About screen from the Windows 7 live thumbnails, see printscreen below:

Windows 7 is weird Wink
The About screen does not have a close-icon (red "X") itself, so it does not react on clicking the close-icon. And Windows 7 now suddenly supplies an close-icon through the taskbar? Strange... Anyhow, we will address this behavior when we work on ticket no. 1126 as well.

P Herwig MSc

This issue has been resolved in version 4.3.0.