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Full Version: Input data can be edited when function is locked
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Version: Ple4Win v4.2.1 build 12074
Reproducible: Always

An input table can be edited when the function is locked, see printscreen:

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Step 1: Open a fully processed project file;
Step 2: Go to DF3.1 and select the DIAM table, so that it is opened in the workspace area;
Step 3: Now click with your mouse twice on an icon on "Special"-toolbar for example the "Show minima"-button. You will see that the toolbar has been activated fully. You can check the table again, and so on. Other toolbar are also activated.

The toolbaar should stay like this:

Hi Shaswin,
Your issue has been registered in our issue tracking system under J-331.
Thank you for your post.

P Herwig MSc

This issue has been resolved since version 4.2.2.