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Full Version: Ple4Win isn't always updating the PIPEDIM output table after testing
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Bug was detected in Ple4Win version 4.0.11. I don't know if this still exists in version 4.1.1.

These were the steps I did:

- Convert a PLE3 project file to Ple4Win;
- Open project File in Ple4Win, set back function 3;
- Change a value, for example a wall thickness for one or more idents;
- Check the table and run this function;
- Check the PIPEDIM output table. The values here weren't changed, it still used the old wall thickness.

This inconsistency could not always be reproduced.

We never (yet) had a situation in which after testing an input table and executing the design function output data showed "old" data. So we will certainly look into this...

Jens Foerster
If this problem will occur again I will send the project file. This happened only once.