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Full Version: Bug warning - Error writing table data to file
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Affected version:4.1.1 (November 2009)

Reproducable: Always

All input tables are affected, see printscreen

Steps to reproduce this bug:
- Copy from Excel for example 5 rows of data set into a Input table, for example in table G-LEVEL.
- After pasting, remove row 1 of the input table
- Change one value in the table
- Test the table and will get this bug warning, see printscreen below:


Destroying the table will give an another bug warning:




I can not reproduce the error here Confused

If I follow your steps, it is no problem to copy data into the G-LEVEL table, change it and test the table.

I am still registering this as bug 238, but I might need more details on how to reproduce this bug. Are you using a clean project database, are you importing the table through the multi-table import functionality, what status do the POLYDIF and W-LEVEL tables etc.

For each printscreen a clean file was used here to confirm that this was reproducable for any table. I will post next week more details on this.

By the way did you tested in version 4.1.1 (build november 2009).
Thank you, I look forward to it.

We always use the latest version while trying to reproduce an error, unless there is a good reason not to.
In this case I could not recreate the problem using the latest official version of Ple4Win here... Sad

P Herwig MSc

We succeeded in reproducing the problem! Again thanks for reporting. Now it should be easier for us to fix this bug (238).
Great to hear that. This error does occur in all input tables where one removes the top row!