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Full Version: New list of bugs in Ple4Win
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List of bugs which has been confirmed by Ple4Win and not listed on this forum during the period the forum was offline:

J-1385: Importing an Excel file with ∆AX-LP in the ADIDENTS IS toggled as ∆AX-L;
J-1997: Additional IDENTS with AX-L value not on separate node. DF2 has to be rewritten;
J-2252: Support angle lower then 180 not possible in Ple4Win;
J-2254: Two idents on the exact same node. This bug has been solved in the next version;
Ticket 2258: To add additional description W500/42 in the helpfile;
J-2228: Devision by near zero which gives a high stress in the calculation of mitre bends;
J-2265: Incorrect roadmap legend DF3.2. This bug has been solved in the next version.
Hopefully we will see a new version soon, which has the fixes in it.
As a sidenote: A lot of bugs, imperfections, wishes,... we receive (or find ourselves) are never mentioned on the forum. So thanks for adding this list, but please do not expect that we manitain a full list of everything in this forum.

And yes, a new version with new functionality, improvements and fixed bug will be released shortly. We are in the final stages of testing and packaging.