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Full Version: Elements are not always visualised in the 3D visualisation
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There is a bug when one wants to view the elements of the DISPJNT output table in the 3D visualisation.


For example the elements of the column dPHI-yz are not visualised in the 3D visualisation. The elements are not coloured.
Actually, the elements are coloured. But this is not visible because the element length is zero (see the ELEMNTS table, "Joint elements" have no length or ratio).

The concept of the 3D visualisation encounters a fundamental limitation here: It is designed to colour according to the data of that element. In the case of joint elements a different approach is necessary, maybe colouring the elements left and right of the actual joint element. But what to do then in cases where there is data available to be coloured in these elements themselves plus in the joint element (e.g. column PHI-X in DISPLAC, where usually all three elements have different data)?

So your point is more of a feature request than a bug, and we will treat it accordingly. I assigned ticket no. J-2290 to this issue.