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Full Version: Bug with importing from Excel file
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When importing an Excel file with a fast computer Ple4Win didn’t import all tables completely. It imported a lot of tables partly with missing data. Some cells were filled with data and some were skipped. It was sometimes dangerous, because ReT was skipped in the ISTROP table, giving an incorrect unity check stress.

This happened on my home computer, when I was doing a project at home.
This happened with Ple4Win version 4.5.0.

My system configuration is:
CPU: Intel i7 8 core
Memory: 32 GB RAM
HDD: SSD harddisk
Display: 4K

I am now on vacation and can’t test it with Ple4Win version 4.6.0.

There was an anotther issue with the display where the texts in the Ple4Win tables were very small on the same system.
This behaviour is new to us, please test with version 4.6.0 once you return from your vacation.

With the text displaying problem, a screenshot might be helpful.

I am back next week and will do that.
(20-05-2019, 12:40 PM)Dr. J Foerster Wrote: [ -> ]This behaviour is new to us, please test with version 4.6.0 once you return from your vacation.

With the text displaying problem, a screenshot might be helpful.

Bug 1:
The importing bug still exists in Ple4Win, exists also in version 4.6.0.

Steps to reproduce this issue:
1. You need to have a clean Windows system. This is important;
2. Install Ple4Win professional version 4.6.0;
3. Open Ple4Win and save the file as 'test.plex';
4. Import the attached file from this thread.


After importing you will see a lot of tables not completely imported, like POLLYDIF, ISTROP, F, RH, UNCER, LOCASE, SUPANG. Note that the NODALS table was indeed not complete in the Excel file. But the other tables as mentioned did not import completely. It looks like the ISTROP has been imported fully, but it didn't it did not import for example the ReT column. More table might be affected with this issue.

You have to import for the second time to overwrite existing import. All tables will be imported then in version 4.6.0. If you close Ple4Win and import again in a new file everything is fine.
But if you remove Ple4Win professional 4.6.0 from the Control Panel and install Ple4Win professional 4.5.0 and repeat step 1 to 4 the importing issue reappears again. Importing for the second time in version Ple4Win version 4.5.0 will not fix the importing issue. I have attached the PLE file (it's zipped).

This is a major bug.

Bug 2:
I could not reproduce the graphcal bug anymore. The title text scaling issue in some Ple4Win columns has been fixed in the latest version of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (tested on Windows 10 version 1903 build 18362.175) in combination with NVIDIA driver version 430.64.
Last week the importing issue also occurred on my workstation at office.
I assigned ticket no. J-2304 to this issue.

We have to investigate this thoroughly. So far we had no feedback from other users that there was a problem with Excel-import either in version 4.5.0 as in version 4.6.0. Also, it is strange that installing on a clean windows system has anything to do with that. It can't be a missing component if the problem goes away with a second import or after restarting Ple4Win.

I can not give you any indication on how and when we will fix this behavior. It's going to be a tough challenge to get this behavior to be reproducible on a computer here and then to debug the actual behavior during both the situations where a table is imported correctly and where it is not. But we will work on it.
I have uninstalled Ple4Win 4.6.0 on my workstation and installed version 4.5.0 on my workstation at office and imported 'BC4.xlsx', the POLYDIF, LOCASE and SWEIGH table was not fully imported.

See attached files.
As discussed in this thread, the problem was related to the "Table/Column Names"-setting. If it is set to "Longnames" then the import is faulty, if it is set to "Shortnames (abbreviations)" then the import is error-free. So as a workaround in version 4.6.0, please use the "Shortnames"-setting.

This bug has been fixed in version 4.6.1.
Can this bugfix also be added in the ChangeLogs list here:

Thank you.