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Full Version: Freezing of the program when Ctrl+A is used
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Affected version: Ple4Win professional v4.6.0

Selecting all values with Ctrl+A in the output table PIPEMAT is taking too long. The Ple4Win program freezes for a moment. You have to wait a few seconds. This bug wasn't there in the older versions.
It looks like it is selecting row by row in the background.

Selecting all values from column 1 to the last column is much faster without any freezing.
You are right, with longer tables (1000 rows or more) the selection process becomes slow. As far as I can tell the process was not changed between version 4.5.0 and 4.6.0, and can become slow in both versions.

I assigned ticket no. J-2308 to this issue. Performance will be improved in the next version.
Okay. Copying from other tables can have the same issue. But that isn't tested by me.

Thanks for confirming this issue. I will not change our script for making outputs.

During the selecting process the status is Ready on the left bottom side. I think that this status is not correct. At the selecting process or copying to the Clipboard from Ple4Win, Ple4Win is busy.
The status row feedback is not optimal, we are aware of this. There are still a couple of situations where the "Ready"-text is shown even if the program is busy. I assigned ticket no J-1717, which covers this problem, a higher priority.