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Full Version: Soil Model Wizard and the new NEN 3650-1 code
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Some changes I have already found which affects stress calculations according to the new NEN 3650-1 code:

- Uncertainty factor 1.5 have been added for reduced soil load. I would suggest to use for the uncertainty factor for SOILNB in two ways:
 1.1 x SOILNB / SOILNB_reduced >= 1.5 use UNCF 1.5 else use UNCF = 1.1 x SOILNB / SOILNB_reduced (otherwise you could get at transition areas of the uncertainty factor higher values with the factr 1.5);
- 'Oversnijding' 1 to 2 cm around the jacking ('persing') pipe (example: direct-pipe). The trench width b is then approx. (Do + 2x 15mm) / Do;
- For 'persingen' the reduced soil formula for HDD's can also be used, where for phi half of the value is used;
- 'Stootfactor 1.2' should be applied on the traffic loads in case of supports which are vertically fixed in the ground.

Most of them applies for the Soil Model Wizard.

Have a good new year Rolleyes .
Thank you for your analysis of the changed NEN3650.

We are also in the process of evaluating the changes and will take your points in consideration.
The soil modeling wizard most certainly will have to be changed.
Okay. Thanks for replying.