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Full Version: Damaged input table when undo/redo a change
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Affected version: Ple4Win Professional v4.6.0

When one do a undo a change and then redo a change an table can be damage the project file permanently.
This bug happens often.

To reproduce this issue follow the following steps:
Step 1: Open Ple4Win and import the primairy.xlsx Excel file in a new healthy PLE project file;
Step 2: Open in the primairy file the secondairy PLE project file, which is attached as secondairy.plex;
Step 3: Go to the TEECONF table and import the table from the secondairy project file and overwrite the table;
Step 4: Insert a new row at the second row;
Step 5: Undo the changes by clicking on the undo icon. The following Bug warning pop-up will appear:

I will send the dummy project files.
We confirmed the bug, it has to do with the import from the secondary database, not with the Excel import. We assigned ticket no. J-2356 to this issue.

"DB Concurrency" errors are notoriously difficult to track down and correct Sad But we are already working on a fix.