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Full Version: Typo in Print Table
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Version: Ple4Win Professional v4.6.1


There is typo in the Print Table:
'&&' should be replaced by one '&'
Whow, the first bug found within less than 24 hours after the release... Wink Cool Tongue

It is not a typo (the text is correct in the header row when listing the NOTICES table) but a programming thingy...
I assigned ticket no. J-2364 to this issue.
Yes, because we are changing our scripts due to this new version.

There is another thingy Wink in the User manual at Ref: Getting Started > Keyboard Shortcuts / ID: KeyboardShortcuts

'Print current table' should be 'Print current table or graph'
Thanks also for mentioning the help file omission, we will correct it.