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Full Version: Suggestion when merging DF5 and DF6
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Hello Jens,

Previous year you told me that DF6 en DF5 will be merged in the future to one big function.

Please consider the following as well:
- let LOCASE be filled with Identifiers, because it is now locked to 1 row only. When you have different materials you can have different load factors as well. Please make it possible to work as the other input tables with multiple rows (so a a jump in loadfactors is possible).
- Please remove the hard-coded factor 1.25 from the source when the NEN 3650-2 is selected and let it be filled in the internal PRESS table. Add two extra columns for the loadfactor like the TOPLOAD input table. When a steel pipe is a calculated in the GERNERAL the HOOP stress is based on for example on the factor 1.15 from the LOCASE table and not the 1.25. So it better to let the user fill this value in the internal PRESS table.
Thank you for these suggestions, both will be considered for future versions of the program.

That will be independent of the (possible) redesign of design functions. We are considering merging the current design functions 5 and 6.1 (but not 6.2) somewhere in the future, but if, how and when is not yet decided.