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Ple4Win 4.7.0 released - Dr. J Foerster - 20-07-2021

Ple4Win version 4.7.0 has been released. This version contains new import possibilities, new calculation functionality as well as a number of improvements, modifications and adaptations. For a detailed description of all that is new and changed, please see the online change log.

The key highlights of this new release are:
  • The Soil Model Wizard has been updated to the NEN3650-1:2020 norm.
  • Pipeline Configuration Files (*.pcf) can now be imported.
  • The deadweight table is extended to 4 columns.
  • The deadweights can now be calculated automatically.
  • New, longer and better understandable notices introduced in DF4.
  • A lot of program features have undergone improvements.
  • Quite a lot of bugs have been fixed.
As always, we advise customers to upgrade to the latest version, even if no issues have been encountered using version 4.6.1.
Follow this link to download Ple4Win Professional 4.7.0 right away.